Having been a high school teacher for over 5 years, I hold the value of education among my highest priorities and have experienced first hand where improvements can be made. The majority of Missouri teachers want the best for their students and are intrinsically motivated to improve their own abilities as educators.


However, Missouri’s current system of high stakes testing overall hinders the quality of education by forcing teachers to try to guess what will be on a standardized tests then giving those teachers poor data that does not give any indicator on how to improve for the following school year. By reassessing the current Missouri education standards and high stakes testing system, we can ensure that our high quality teachers have a better opportunity to succeed.
At the same time, it is important that we provide students with the tools to be successful. Many students across the state are burdened with obstacles like learning and behavior challenges, English language barriers, low socioeconomic status, and more. I believe that education can help be a great equalizer for these young people and it is important that they are given the resources and opportunities to be high achieving students preK-12 and beyond. This can be done by creating and empowering programs that are aimed at helping students succeed in all levels of education like special education programs, English as a second language programs, Upward Bound, the A+ Scholarship program, and more.

Upholding ​​
Liberty &


During my years of teaching U.S. Government, I taught and emphasized the American Ideals of Liberty and Equality. I will transfer the lessons I taught in the classroom to policy in the Missouri Senate.
Liberty is the ability for people to think and act as they wish as long as their decisions do not harm the wellbeing or liberty of others. I will advocate for laws that protect the choices of people that live up to the ideal of liberty and fight against those that limit liberty. This would include protecting rights like those guaranteed under the First and Second Amendments of the U.S. Constitution. As long as people exercise these liberties responsibly without harming the wellbeing or liberty of others, the law should protect their choices. At the same time, policies should ensure that the government protect all Missourians equally while ensuring that they all have an equal opportunity at their own pursuit of happiness.
For many years now the percentage of Americans earning a middle class income has been shrinking while the amount of money made by those in the upper class has increased. If we continue on this course, it will result in a very large percentage of the U.S. wealth being controlled by a small group of people, while the vast majority of Americans will be earning low incomes.

the Middle

Currently, over 100,000 Missouri residents receive some kind of government assistance and about ¼ of Missouri jobs are considered “low wage,” meaning that they pay at or below the poverty level. This shows that even many of the people who are working need some kind of government help to provide for their families.
I will strive for policies that will move more people from the lower class to the middle class so that they no longer need government help to get by. This will be done through improving the ability of people to get a high quality education, increasing the number of jobs that pay higher wages, and easing unnecessary financial burdens on Missouri families in areas like healthcare, education, taxes, and more. Not only will increasing the size of the middle class lower the need for tax dollars to go to government assistance, it will also strengthen the overall economy as more people have disposable income to spend at other local establishments.

No Voter Left Behind

The democratic process and voice of regular citizens are the cornerstones of the republic system of government used by the United States. Following this philosophy, I am committed to ensuring that the opinions and values of all Missourians are reflected in the government. This will require election and voter policies that allow and encourage the high citizen participation that I have always promoted in my classroom.
By implementing programs like automatic voter registration and increasing the number of polling locations, Missouri can better ensure that all eligible voters will have the ability to cast a ballot in elections. At the same time, it is important to make sure that no Missouri voices go unheard, whether they voted with the majority or not. By switching to election systems like proportional representation and ranked-choice voting, our state can better ensure that our elected officials represent the values of all citizens as accurately as possible.

Green Infrastructure& ​​
Job Creation

The creation of good paying jobs is critical to fostering a strong economy and 21st century Americans demand large amounts of energy. At the same time, the scientific world is largely in agreement that many of the current energy production systems used by human beings is causing climate change around the world and putting billions of lives at risk. I believe that by promoting and investing in green infrastructure and energy systems, we can address both of these issues at the same time.
Groups like The Solutions Project have determined that Missouri and other states have the ability to convert our energy systems entirely to renewable energy sources by 2050 while creating thousands of jobs in our state, saving our residents thousands of dollars in energy bills, and reducing Missouri’s pollution all at the same time. My aim is to do this through government investment in modernizing Missouri's infrastructure and giving incentives to businesses to aggressively aid in the state’s switch to efficiency and renewable energy sources.